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  1. Suzyo sagt:

    Usagi Drop was by far one of the most enjoyable anime I’ve seen this year. A lot of tignhs that happened in it I was quite familiar with either in my own childhood (the tree part) or my fatherhood (quite a few tignhs). It was also nice to learn the differences in culture of child rearing in Japan, such as what they do with their teeth when they lose them. The eleven episodes were a masterpiece and though I would like to see more, I’m worried because of the manga situation. I was going to read the manga until I heard it nosedives, but I’d rather stick only to the anime adaption that I’ve grown to love.Persocomb4s last [type]:

  2. Anuj sagt:

    Gepostet am Wenn es nur so einfach we4re Keine Frage, die oben besheriebencn Methoden funktionieren tatse4chlich. Doch leicht ist es nicht sich immer wieder nur auf die positiven Aspekte des Lebens zu konzentrieren. Aber auch hier gilt: dcbung macht den Meister Grfcdfe an alle Positivdenker

  3. Sabrina sagt:

    Michael KolkmannEin kleiner Tipp, oder eher zwei, damit es nicht so swechr fe4llt: die Stadt liegt eher nicht in Sfcddeutschland (wo doch schon der Name Mfcnchen fiel ), und die Stadt ist deutlich, deutlich kleiner als die bayerische Landeshauptstadt.;)

  4. Chase sagt:

    Unfortunately, it looks as if only the first two epsiodes have been sbubed. The show is up to episode 50 now. If you want the plain Japanese, it appears to be available at http://www.l33t-raws.org Go to “bt” and search for “kirarin”.There are Chinese subs available for some recent episodes at bt.greedland.net/cache_html/0/default/DESC/1.htm Search (box at top left of main list) for “kirarin” again. Subs for previous episodes will probably show up there from time to time.I see Chinese subs for earlier episodes available here:bbs.btmyth.com/viewthread.php?action=printable&tid=100915Even if you don’t understand them, the Chinese subs are almost as good as raws. You usually have to view them in RealPlayer or something that will play RealPlayer files.

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