DMC schreitet langsam voran – solange gibs erstmal The Third 8.

Viel Spaß wünscht euch das Team von Motome-subs

7 Antworten zu “The Third 8”
  1. Henry sagt:

    Danke!!! Hat mich wieder gefreut eine weitere Folge sehen zu dürfen!
    Bittebitte weitermachen :D

  2. dkakakilller09^^ sagt:

    huhu echt nice vielen dank für Third find den anime spitze freut mich das ihr den weitermacht geil ^^

  3. Ator sagt:

    nice super freut mich big thx

  4. Chua sagt:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brngitehed my day!

  5. Kira sagt:

    Hoi Peter,Balen zeg, ik heb wel wat gemist ! Zag er goed uit. Prachtig geeibd. Hoop er volgende x wel bij te zijn. Jullie moeten genoten hebben !GroetenMarco

  6. Jurek sagt:

    Sorry for not posting this in the YGOPRO forum where it boenlgs (I didn’t want to register just for the purpose of posting this), but my brother and I have found a few bugs:– In some cases, activating “Bait Doll” and targeting a face-down trap card will cause a script error, and “Bait Doll” will go to the Graveyard instead of returning to the Deck. (the first time I noticed this, I used “Bait Doll” to target my face-down “Robbin’ Goblin”, just to see what would happen)– This one is very minor, but “Roulette Barrel”‘s picture reads “Life-Absorbing Machine” as the name of the card.– (I think this one is a bug). Chaining, for instance, “Offerings to the Doomed” to “Lava Golem”‘s effect during your Standby Phase causes your opponent to lose 1000 Life Points when the card goes to your opponent’s Graveyard.Apologies once again for not posting this in the forum, and also for the fact that probably nobody uses these cards anymore. :D

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